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I’m about to post stuff that is less Fabulous Art and a lot more Insufferable Anecdotes About My World Traveling so if you’re grossed out by that kind of shit like I am, beware. I hate other people’s experiences (unless they’re rap narratives about smoking weed in outer space, yo Curren$y I’m hollering at you, boy. Love your new shit videochat sexo .) So feel free to clear your throat in disgust when I get a little yawn-friendly, you know? Cause I would. We’re leaving the island we live on (I forgot to tell you: I moved to an island you guys! A TINY one) for another weirdly aquatic city and some other badass places and friendly kids so please adjust your expectations from a 10 (awesome cat gifs) to about a 7.5 (is that ANOTHER picture of a canal? bitch please.) In other news, IRONING MY TRAVELING HAIR SCARVES AND SENDING THE HOUSEMAID OFF TO PACK MY JUMPERS, TRA LA LA, whatever.
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